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Organic Catnip Slugs - BabyAvailable Wholesale
[click for larger image]

Trillium Design
Made with premium organic catnip and reclaimed fabric. Fabric varies - no two are alike!
Baby, 6.5" long
item 0030TA

Organic Catnip Slugs - Baby


Our customers' kitties love their catnip slugs!

"The kitties seriously do love their slugs. They lick 'em and lick 'em and lick 'em and then hug 'em and roll on the floor with happy expressions on their goofy little kitty faces ..... (LOL)" Kaye

Recent quotes from our Etsy customers:

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!! My kitties love them, they won't let them out of their sight." - kittydeltattuaggio

"Wonderful cat toy! Passed the 'cat approval' test before it was out of the wrapper!" - my3cats

"Like a good portion of the Hawthorne area, your cat loves to get stoned. The Organic Catnip Slug ($4.50, New Seasons Market, 1954 SE Division St., 445-2888, and other locations) is like the Maui Wowie of feline euphoria. Cute and fun to play with, the slug packs an all-natural high that should have your cat seeing purple mice all over the house." - Willamette Week, Holiday Gift Guide 2005

Cats Love Our Slugs!

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